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Why Steam Cleaning in Houston is Better for Carpets

Picture this: after changing your car’s oil, or spending an afternoon in the garden, you’re ready to clean your hands. Which do you reach for: soap and hot water, or a dry towel? Which is better equipped to remove stubborn oil and dirt from your skin?

Soap and water plus heat is the natural choice – and what’s more, you can apply the same logic to your carpeting. By far, heat and moisture are much more effective at banishing deep-set grime from your carpet’s fibers.

The Steam Local team has known this for more than 30 years. It’s one of the reasons we started offering professional steam cleaning in Houston and the surrounding areas. Steam cleaning uses a powerful combination of heat and moisture to reach deeply into carpeting and remove not only dust and grime but offensive odors, as well. It’s the best thing you can do for your carpet floors besides keeping up with your vacuuming.

Unlike vacuuming, steam carpet cleaning goes more than surface-deep. With a vacuum cleaner, you can be sure you’re removing visible signs of grime: crumbs, pet fur, and fuzz. However, what you can’t see – microscopic particles that cause allergies and bad smells – is what gets left behind. Those particles cling stubbornly to your carpeting’s fibers and need to be coaxed away with heat and moisture.

When Steam Local visits your home or business for steam cleaning in Houston, we bring along powerful equipment. This equipment is what helps us effectively remove the stuff that makes your carpeting look and smell bad, even after you’ve vacuumed and scrubbed. It forces that magical combination of heat and moisture deep past the surface, where it works to loosen and lift dirt particles.

The result? A more beautiful, comfortable, and clean-smelling carpet – one you’ll be proud to show off. That’s because steam cleaning also improves the texture of carpet fibers, softening them and making them stand up. You’ll notice a marked improvement in your floors’ look and feel, and so will your loved ones or customers.

Contact us today to schedule steam cleaning in Houston. Whether you are seeking commercial or residential services, we are available to assist you.