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Cleaning Your Children’s Carpets

Steam Cleaning in College StationWhen it comes to kids, parents know that keeping their rooms clean can be one of the biggest challenges they face. This is especially true of flooring, which takes the full brunt of every rambunctious kid’s routine: fruit punch spills, cookie crumbs, and finger painting messes can quickly turn any carpet into a disaster zone.

In the past, vacuuming and scrubbing was the only way to get carpeting clean (and “clean” is subjective when the stain remains). Today, more and more parents are turning to professional cleaners for stain and odor solutions. Steam cleaning in College Station from the team at Steam Local is the best way to help children’s carpets recover from daily wear and tear.

Unlike vacuuming and scrubbing, steam cleaning uses a combination of heat and moisture to penetrate carpet fibers deeply. You never have to wonder whether your carpeting is clean all the way through. Steam coaxes grime into loosening, making it easier to get rid of stubborn food, drink, and paint messes.

Best of all, no participation is required on the part of the parents. Simply make the appointment and leave the rest to the cleaners. You never have to get down on your knees and scrub to restore your kids’ carpeting to its original, clean condition.

The Importance of Cleaning the Carpets in Your Educational Institution

Steam Cleaning in College StationKeeping students and staff safe and healthy is at the top of the list of responsibilities for the administrative leadership at any educational institution. It’s a crucial task that covers an extensive range of elements from cleaning to security.

From a health standpoint, steam cleaning carpets is essential when you want to ensure that every room is clean at all times. Steam gets down into the base of the carpet fibers and lifts dirt and dust which are beyond the reach of regular vacuuming. Those materials often trigger allergies and are best removed by a professional team of cleaners, much like you will find at a company like Steam Local, for example.

Carpets are attractive, but they also require plenty of maintenance. In schools, colleges, and universities they withstand incredible levels of foot traffic daily, and the only way to ensure a deep cleaning is to hire a company to provide steam cleaning in College Station, TX.

Carpets look full, fresh, and new once they’ve been steam cleaned. Not only does it have the effect of renewing the appearance of the hallways and classrooms, but it also provides an uplifting impact on the mindset of everyone in the facility. You feel good in a setting that looks good, and when you feel good, it’s easier to learn and work.  In that case, everybody wins.

Carpet Cleaning for Dorms and Other School Housing

Steam Cleaning in College StationCollege students are slobs, and dorm rooms get incredibly messy throughout the year. Instead of having a two-bit crew come in and do the bare minimum to clean your carpets, you can count on the team at Steam Local to provide you with incredible services. We have more than 30 years of experience cleaning carpets in homes and businesses throughout Texas. Let us come to your dorm to show you what we can do!

Our five-step carpet cleaning process is something you will not receive from other specialists. When we come to your dorms, we will start working by removing all of the loose dirt and crud in the carpets with our high-suction vacuum. Once that process is complete, we do soft-bristle scrubbing to loosen any ground-in soil. We then use our truck-mounted equipment to extract moisture, apply Teflon protection to protect the carpet from stains, and use humidifiers to dry the carpets quickly. Stains that have been on the carpets for the entire year should come up with incredible ease.

Book the Steam Local team today for end-of-the-year steam cleaning in College Station. We clean carpets in dorms, as well as area apartments with large student populations and Greek housing. You can also hire our team in Dallas, Austin, Waco, and Houston.