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How Adults Ruin Carpets

Carpet Cleaning in Waco, TXKids and pets take a lot of the blame when it comes to dirty carpets. To be sure, spilled snacks and pet accidents can contribute to a mess, but it’s also essential to know how adults could be contributing. That way, you can address every area of concern and ensure that you make the most of your carpet cleaning in Waco, TX. Here are a few ways that grown-ups can take a toll on carpets:

  • Furniture Moving — Interior design enthusiasts know that even a minor change in a room’s furniture arrangement can have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic. Dragging or sliding heavy pieces, however, can damage carpet fibers quicker than most minor accidents. Putting in a little extra effort to protect your floors can go a long way toward preventing runs and fraying fibers.
  • Setting Rules — At the end of the day, it’s down to adults to enforce rules about wiping off feet, eating in carpeted rooms, and so on. As easy as it is to live and let live, the best thing for your floors is to take a strict stance on things that might damage them.
  • Group Gatherings — Family events and social gatherings with friends are great ways to spend your time. They can also be a fast track to stained carpets. Budget some time in your social schedule for a thorough cleaning before and after group get-togethers.